Saturday, July 29, 2017

FTM2017 PC Version - File Clean Up

Observation after installation of FTM2017, where the end user may have done some of the Test Drives offered by Software MacKiev prior to the production release of FTM2017.

Bottom line, I have some file clean up to do.

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Color Coding and Multiple Ancestral Lines

In my blog post yesterday there was a comment about multiple "lines" being color coded.

Will demonstrate how Color Coding showed that I have Direct Ancestors of multiple lines or from more than one grandparent's ancestry.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Color Coding and Civil War Soldiers

This is response to a comment made on this blog post 

In my reply to the comment, I said that I would do a blog post on how I would answer the question about the use of color coding for the Civil War Soldiers. My approach is to use the Filter In / Filter Out feature. Before I posted my response, I tested it out and it worked as expected. 

My focus is to Identify ONLY my Direct Line Ancestors who might have a Civil War Record that I may not have found before.

This video will demonstrate out I used the Color Coding and the Filter Feature to answer my question.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

FTM2017 - No Hints from Ancestry

Just purchased or upgrade to FTM2017 and the People Workspace, Tree View has not Hints.

Simple answer, go to the Plan Workspace and Check the Sync Status:

The answer: You must have an Ancestry Member Tree (AMT) to receive Hints. Those AMTs are what provides us with the hints.

Upload and Line to Ancestry is the Answer. Be sure to check the settings of the Ancestry Member Tree as you upload and sync.

  • Public
  • Private
  • Private, not searchable by Ancestry
Are the options.

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Monday, July 24, 2017

FTM2017 - Plan Workspace, Download from Ancestry

One of the new or revised parts of FTM2017 is in the Plan Workspace, in the Download a Tree from Ancestry. Meaning that you already have an Ancestry Member Tree (AMT) and now you want that AMT in FTM2017.

What is on the menu is very different. For privacy reasons I am only showing the first AMT that I can download, but this list is long, for me.

The key is the information that is provided on the right side of the screen

There is a Sort by: (will show in a minute) the Filename information about the AMT, the number of people in that tree and the number of Media files. In the list that you can see, there are two tree names that are look the same, but they are different. You select one and you see the statistics on that AMT.

You can Sort them by Name, Date Modified, Date Created and Status.

At the bottom right of the earlier image gives you some more options. You can Delete the AMT, View the AMT or Download the Tree.

Under the Sort by is another setting, Ascending or Descending order.

With the Check Mark in that box, the list below will be in Ascending Order, in the example above, I wanted it in the Descending order or Most Recent On top.

I will be cleaning of my test AMTs and the old ones as I move my old AMTs into FTM2017.

This makes is so much easier, for me, at least.
Copyright © 2017 by H R Worthington

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